Printer Versions

BigBoxPro kit - £895

If you need a 3D printer but are not sure which BigBox is right for you - choose this one.

The Pro edition is the BigBox suitable for 90% of applications. It features a heated bed and an E3D-v6 HotEnd, capable of tempreatures up to 300°C. This opens up a world of materials allowing you to print almost any 3D printing filament available on the market.

BigBoxDual - Experimental - £995

The Dual edition takes 3D printing to the next level. For those that are ready for the challenges, it opens up a wealth of opportunities. Two E3V-v6 HotEnds allow you to print almost any two materials together. Think two colours, or support material for those previously unprintable models.

BigBoxDual is more challenging to operate than it's brothers so some 3D printing experience is recommended.

Both models come with the E3D Titan extruders as standard.

Frosted Acrylic + £99

Choose from a range of frosted acrylics. This frame upgrade is not only beautiful, but also less susceptible to environmental changes (humidity etc.). Incidentally, it also runs a little more quietly – we really recommend it.

Raspberry Pi and HD cam + £75

Add the option of a Raspberry Pi running the OctoPrint Server to your E3D BigBox. Included in this upgrade is a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B & 8gb MicroSD Card, a 2.5A 5V DC DC Converter to power the Raspberry Pi, a 5-MegaPixel Camera, a few extra 3D printed parts and all the cables, screws and nuts you'll need to add the upgrade to your BigBox.

This upgrade makes 3D printing more accessible and means you can print from any computer anywhere. Highly recommended.

Simplify3D® slicer + £95

There are slicers, and then there is Simplify3D®. Simplify3D® is the software package that is perfectly matched to the BigBox's top-notch capabilities, providing a comprehensive operating system for your printer.

Why upgrade to Simplify3D®:

  • Better print quality.
  • Higher dimensional accuracy.
  • All-In-One Software Suite.
  • Unrivalled slicing performance.
  • Interactive preview animation.
  • Optimized multi-part printing.
  • Customize the placement, size, and angle of support material.
  • Snap off supports easily without damaging your part.

E3D BigBox Specifications - By Version

Pro Dual
Base Price £895 £995
Printing Specifications
Build Volume (mm) 300 x 200 x 300 300 x 200 x 300
Auto-Levelling Standard
Minimum Layer Height (mm) 0.05
Steps/mm (X & Y) 160/180
HotEnd 1 x E3D-v6 2 x E3D-v6
Extruder Titan
Travel Speed (mm/s) 150
Print Speed (mm/s) 100
Heated Bed VariPower Heated Bed
Nozzles Available Full E3D-v6 Nozzle range including Volcano.
Mechanical Specifications
Desktop Size (mm) 550 x 490
Frame Plywood. Acrylic Upgrade Available (+£99)
Motion System Ground Hardened Steel
Electrical Specifications
Supply Voltage (V AC) 240 or 110
Supply Connection Switched & Fused IEC Socket. Lead NOT provided.
Power Supply Output Voltage (V DC) 24
Power Supply Output Power (Watts) 400
Electronics Board RUMBA
Motor Drivers 4 x A4988 (X,Y,Z,E) 5 x A4988 (X,Y,Z,E,E)
Motors X: Wantai 46Ncm 0.9°
Y: Wantai 46Ncm 0.9° (Geared 1:2.25)
Z: Wantai 40Ncm 1.8°
X: Wantai 46Ncm 0.9°

These specifications may be subject to minimal changes as procurement progresses. We will keep this table updated and and send out updates if necessary.

BigBox Feature Breakdown

The BigBox is no-compromises high specification 3D printer, combining immense print resolution, over huge print volume, an extrusion system capable of almost every material on the market, all wrapped up in a neat clutter free package with an easy to use toolchain.

We have broken down the BigBox feature list into key sections, if we have whet your appetite - keep reading!

BigBox is Smooth and Accurate

Carefully engineered motion system provides twice the positioning resolution of most printers.

The motion system designed by LittleBox is rigid, smooth and accurate with fantastic resolution for low layers. The BigBox motion system provides around double the positioning resolution of other printers on the market. We use a combination of mechanical reduction, and higher resolution motors to achieve twice the standard positional resolution.

Every belt is perfectly aligned. Every cable is managed in well positioned cable chain.

Well aligned belts, with proper drag chain on every axis ensures consistent, low drag motion across the whole build volume.

The best motion components for the best performance.

No expense has been spared on motion components, extra large linear bearings on the highly toleranced ground and hardened shafts provide extremely precise and smooth motion.

Every corner supported on bearings eliminates vibration and wobble.
Some might say that the bed is over-engineered, but the performance doesn’t lie.

There are a lot of printers out there with wobbly unstable build platforms, having a big impact on print quality. We went all-out overkill to ensure our bed was not going to suck. Our moving print bed uses a total of four precision shafts with long bearings on each corner of the bed, with two Z axis motors and leadscrews, one on each side. This results in a huge amount of constraint and stability eliminating any chance of flex or wobble.

BigBox is ... BIG! And Balanced

The large heated bed means that you can pack many items into a single print, and print larger stronger objects.

Crucially it achieves this high print quality over a huge 18 litre build area giving you the freedom to print objects that are both huge, and high quality. The build volume has been arranged to not just be large in one direction like many other plus-sized printers, but is balanced in all directions and has a large usable bed surface.

Objects built in the plane of the bed are stronger than tall objects built away from the bed giving real practical advantage. Having a larger bed also means that you can pack more items into a single print for high-volume printing. So BigBox has not just a large build space, but a well proportioned more useful build space.

BigBox rocks an E3D Extrusion System

BigBox can cope with almost every material on the 3D printing market today.

The extrusion system by E3D is built on experience from selling tens of thousands of E3D-v6 HotEnds. The E3D-v6 HotEnd featured on the BigBox Pro can cope with almost every filament available on the market, this means you can print flexible rubber like materials, metal and carbon filled materials, and strong engineering plastics like Nylon in addition to the more common PLA and ABS. This makes BigBox more useful and versatile for more adventurous applications.

E3D HotEnds also mean you get more precision in extrusion. This means low oozing for clean prints right off the machine, and parts that are dimensionally accurate as well as aesthetically beautiful.

Tiny objects can be printed with incredible detail that exceeds what is currently thought possible with extrusion based printers.

Highly accurate extrusion means more functional and more beautiful print output.

If you want to further increase the capability of BigBox E3D HotEnds have interchangeable nozzles. For extreme resolution you can easily fit a 0.25mm nozzle which will allow you to resolve the finest of details taking full advantage of the high resolution motion system.

Volcano lets you take advantage of the huge build volume of BigBox by creating large prints in record time.

At the other end of the spectrum BigBox can be easily fitted with the E3D Volcano upgrade that unlocks massive print speed and print strength increases. The E3D Ecosystem is extensive and includes many other useful additions such as wear resistant nozzles for carbon fiber filled materials, more upgrades are in constant development and BigBox users will be able to benefit from these.

BigBox is Solid

Simple, effective frame construction.

The frame provides a solid and straightforward foundation for BigBox, all panels of the frame are clamped securely together with nuts and screws along every edge. Interlocking tabs and slots along all edges mean the frame goes together easily and accurately.

Clean, workbench friendly enclosure.

The frame of the machine provides a great level of enclosure for BigBox, and almost everything is enclosed neatly within the panels of the machine, making for a desktop or workbench friendly machine with a clean functional appearance.

Easily access prints, and electronics when needed.

Despite being well enclosed there is still exceptional accessibility where needed. The whole front of the machine is open allowing easy access for removing prints and inserting print surfaces. There is an electronics access hatch that allows you to get in and tinker with the electronics easily, without having to disassemble the machine. Neatly placed cables for power, network and USB cables finish the package.

BigBox is Connected

Right down to where each cable runs is planned and taken care of.

All the electronics are high end parts from suppliers with a track record for reliability and performance. Furthermore the entire electronics setup requires no soldering, everything just plugs in or is screwed into place making assembly, or upgrades and modifications exceptionally easy. Wire management throughout the machine is taken care of. All cabling is mounted flat to the frame, with an organised and documented layout. Wherever cables have to move with the motion system high quality cable drag chain is used, keeping things neat, and ensuring cables don’t fatigue and fail.

Cables neatly routed over bottom panel, with RUMBA and RasPi on show

Starting prints and controlling your printer is fast and easy.

We’re using tried and tested open-source equipment for the electronics. A RUMBA controller board is the electronics powerhouse of the machine, providing all the performance and features needed to run BigBox.

A graphical LCD display at the front of the machine complete with integrated SD card means that you can easily control the machine without ever needing to connect a computer. Prints are saved to an SD card from your computer and the SD card is inserted into the machine. You can start, stop, adjust settings and monitor your printer through the simple graphical display and click-wheel.

Control your printer remotely.

To make your printer even more powerful and simple to use there is an optional upgrade that adds a Raspberry-Pi running the powerful Octo-Print software, complete with webcam to the BigBox. This hugely useful upgrade allows you to network connect your printer. You’ll be able to remotely control your machine via any internet connected device, upload print files, and start and stop prints. The webcam watch your printer on the screen using the webcam,

Neat and safe.

Mains electricity is completely enclosed, with no external power supply. Power is simply connected via a standard IEC power inlet at the rear of the machine.

BigBox is Usable but Hackable

BigBox is an extremely practical and usable 3D printer. Not just in software and user interface but also in its physical layout and features.

BigBox has the ability to automatically calibrate and level the print surface. Auto-levelling takes out the complicated fiddling around that's normally involved when trying to get the print-bed perfectly flat. This isn’t only time consuming but also requires a lot of dexterity and can be extremely frustrating, even for people with a lot of 3D printing experience – as a result it is one of the most common causes for failure.

The BigBox auto-levelling features a probe to accurately measure points around the bed. The firmware uses the point information to calculate the location of the bed as well as any deviation from flat. This deviation is then automatically compensated for by adjusting the height of the bed while printing is in progress. This makes the printing process more reliable, enjoyable and repeatable.

Easy, intuitive assembly, with fantastic documentation.

The design of the machine has carefully taken into consideration the need for easy, intuitive assembly, everything is laid out as simply as possible. The documentation will be extensive, detailed, packed full of photos and 3D diagrams. There will be both written documentation, and video documentation on how to assemble and use your machine. We’ve a great deal of combined experience in documenting assembly from both the microslice and E3D HotEnds. David and Sanjay were both high-school technology teachers in a past life, so expect the documentation to make assembly practically childsplay!

A design that everyone can use and adapt for themselves.

For the more advanced and adventurous users we’re keen to enable as much hacking and modification as possible. The printed parts, laser cut parts, bill of materials and firmware will be open sourced after the kickstarter is completed.

The HotEnd can be easily removed, like many other parts of BigBox.

BigBox has a lot of great opportunities for hacking that are integral to the design. There is a lot of space in the machine for added extras, everything is modular and comes apart easily and logically. The hotend for example is very easily removed from the machine for replacement or modifications The electronics have plenty of room for expansion with spare pins available and the RUMBA has plenty of spare processing power for software hacking.

There will be a dedicated forum for support and discussion of the machine. We’ll also actively support hacks and modifications in our forums with bounties and prizes. We want to take a supportive, open-source friendly approach to encourage people to modify and improve their machines.