The E3D BigBox is hackable affordable easy to use high resolution by design.

BigBox is a new 3D printer. It is big on quality, big in size and big on value. But what really sets it apart is its heritage. Two renowned companies in the maker scene have teamed up to bring you a whole new experience of 3D printing.

E3D and LittleBox have 15 years of 3D printing experience between them and we have poured that know-how into designing a 3D printer that we are truly satisfied with. It meets the specifications that we demand in our 3D printers, but it’s at a price that meets everyone’s budget.

BigBox Key Features

Big Build Volume

A spacious 300mm x 200mm x ~280mm (12" x 8" x ~12").

High Resolution

50 Microns layer height (half the thickness of a sheet of paper)!

Downloadable & Hackable

All the plans for the laser-cut frame and the 3D printed design files will be available to download so you are free to modify and improve your machine as much as you'd like.


Auto-levelling ensures the avoidance of the complicated fiddling around that is normally associated with trying to get the print-bed perfectly flat.

E3D V6 HotEnds

With the E3D-v6 range of HotEnds at the centre of the BigBox almost every 3D printing material can be used.

More Info...

For more info, see the features page and our gallery, browse our forum or read the build manual on our wiki.

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